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We worked with the HSBV internal team to better understand what were the biggest roadblocks for HSBV’s customers, as well as what roadblocks there were with the internal HSBV staff as well. Because it is important to not only focus on the client’s customers experience but also that of the staff that is working within the system every day.


In the end, we created a fully redefined user experience and flow for the HSBV training center’s customers and staff. Using elements such as WordPress, WooCommerce, and custom development for items such as the unique calendar system control. We were able to take a system that was outdated and bring it to back to life and create a much more cohesive experience for all.

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A Training Obstacle

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley approached Goozmo to create a revamped training center site to compliment new branding. They not only wanted a new and updated feel to the site to match new branding they also wanted to move away from a credit type system to a full e-commerce experience for their customers. In the end, Goozmo designed a one of a kind easy to use customer experience for HSBV now allowing for education, outreach, and better user experience throughout the training center site.


As you can see from our before and after we took the very content heavy old site and updated the whole feel to match new branding and flow.

Moving away from a credit system where customers had to purchase packages of credits before registering and purchasing a class to a full e-commerce single purchase layout increased the UI / UX for the customers.

the when

Navigating data-heavy lists was not very intuitive; no calendar or search feature.

the now

We make it easy to find a preferred class; Calendar view with search.

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