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Working with MHP we started off our Strategy with a set of Wireframes
that helped the customer go over design, structure, layout, target audience, and other important aspects that guide the process. During this phase, we also focused on user experience strategy including design, layout, flow, functionality of primary goals, mobile/tablet presentation, and performance.


I think the final product speaks for itself now.  Navigating through the new site users are not only able to access all important information quicker and more efficiently they are able to start to create an experience with MHP without even stepping foot through the door.

Get In. Get Help. Get Better.

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Mental Health Partners began working with Goozmo to solve several issues. Create an Enhanced user experience. Making sure visitors to the website are presented with information to quickly direct them to where they need to go. Create a professional design. The design of the website needed to feel modern, professional, high-end, and attractive while preserving an effective user experience. This includes responsive design to accommodate mobile devices. Last but not least we needed to focus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards were implemented throughout the entire website.


The site that Goozmo started with was very heavy content and limited low-quality images.  We had to work with the MHP internal team to select the proper images to relay and create the correct atmosphere that they wanted their customers to feel.

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