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The process began with a name and idea.  From there the Goozmo team worked to create a perfect representation for this new idea.  Thinking about things such as market presence, competition, future expansion, and brand awareness the team was able to start to develop beginning stages of what this new company was going to look like


The final product was a success in both client and Goozmo’s minds. Goozmo not only created the brand identity for TipFlip they also created a custom developed native app that is available in both Android and iOS marketplaces.

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Tip Flip came to Goozmo as a concept nothing more than a name and an idea. Tip Flip had the idea of creating a completely safe & secure way to tip anyone, anywhere using location services from your mobile device. Simple right? Well, the Goozmo team had to not only think about how to brand and promote this new idea we also had to think about; multiple devices, various ways to pay, all in a secure and controlled environment.


TipFlip started from a concept ending with a fully designed and established brand and product for the market. We began the process of branding the new company creating the beginning of stages of developing the identity of who and what TipFlip was.

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