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Professional Design

We began our collaboration starting with the new logo design since this would be the basis for all collateral and design elements. Once a new logomark and brand colors were identified we were then able to start creating a new face and walk through experience with the staff.


Goozmo is beyond thrilled at how the final product came out. Not only has a whole new look and feel for the church been established, we also deepened the visual experience that folks have when walking through the Church halls. We were able to take a system that was outdated and bring it back to life, creating a much more cohesive experience for all.

United Church of Christ

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Creating an Enhanced User Experience

Making sure visitors to the website are presented with information to quickly direct them to where they need to go, First Congregational United Church of Christ began working with Goozmo to help create a new brand presence and update the website to a WordPress platform. The design of the website needed to feel modern, professional, high-end, and attractive while preserving an effective user experience. This includes responsive design to accommodate mobile devices. Last but not least we needed to focus on SEO standards, implementing new techniques throughout the entire website. Along with a totally new branding package as well.


A big part of the branding process with Goozmo and First Congregational was to show the passion for art that the congregation held so high.  So walking through the church our team captured images and art that helped build a story of who First Congregational really was.


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