2020’s Best Celebrity & Brand Collaborations

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses large and small and consumers alike. This year has forced companies to pivot sales models and marketing quickly to stay alive and current in the market and adapt to customers’ new buying habits during a global pandemic.

While many companies have come up with catchy slogans, revamped branding, moved to online selling, and countless other tactics to keep profits rolling in. Other companies have begun to heavily utilize influencers and celebrities to push new products and messaging to customers during 2020. Even celebrities with all their money and power have not been immune to the effects of COVID restrictions and lockdowns. In AdAge article by Jack Neff, “12 SMARTEST BRAND-CELEBRITY PAIRINGS OF 2020,” Jack looks at how companies have collaborated with available celebrities. Jack explained, “With few movies in production, stars had plenty of spare time and made fair use of it with memorable work.”

Check out more on how these 12 companies utilized their famous branding counterparts to overcome all COVID has thrown.


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