Drones and Marketing

From celebrity stunts to a new growing hobby it’s hard to not have some interaction with drones today. We see drones at parks and beaches being flown by hobbyists, but drones are evolving in the marketing world as well. With the rise in technology and the decreasing cost to own a drone, drone technology has come to a point where drones are more like a tool rather than a toy when in the right hands, especially with marketers. In an article from Forbes “5 Ways Marketers Can Take Advantage Of Drone Technology” AJ Agrawal breaks down 5 ways that drones are now being used in the marketing world.

Drones As Actors: Many people associate drones with only video recording, but they can do so much more. In fact, drones can be the stars of a marketing campaign.

Drones As A Platform: Drone advertisements, depending on local law, can fly almost anywhere. Potential customers at the park or in an office building are now directly reachable, making drone advertising its own platform full of potential to engage the public.

Drones As A Tool: Whereas marketers in the past needed cranes and helicopters – and the associated costs of each – to record from aerial viewpoints, current marketers only really need a drone.

Quick Marketing: Accordingly, drones can be used for quick marketing pushes. No longer are advertisers bogged down by logistics and red tape – with drones, marketers essentially have all of the requisite tools to record and create content for their product in one device.

Goozmo has been using drone technology for the last couple of years to create stunning imagery for our clients. Take a look at a few of the videos we have created using drones.

Flagstaff not only wanted a new and updated feel to the site to match the feel and atmosphere that they are known for in the community. They also wanted to immerse customers before even visiting the restaurant. To accomplish this we used drones to capture the breathtaking views that customers get to enjoy during the dining experience.

Don’t just take our word on how drones can help reach your consumers look at how these 3 reputable companies are using drones to not only connect with customers but create an experience.

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