Humanize your team with new technology

We at Goozmo have been using the business communication tool Slack for a little over a year now. While I don’t know if we as a team have become more humanized but we have become more concise, organized, and connected.

“Slack has been lauded as the fastest growing workplace software in history, with over 8 million users and counting. One of the many reasons for its widespread adoption is down to the constant evolution of the technology to support the teams it serves.”

The Goozmo team has utilized the many new evolving features of Slack from connecting to our PMS Jira to time tracking certain tasks. These and many other features have allowed the team to move in and out of each internal system seamlessly causing less friction and process requests faster.

So if your workforce needs a little more humanizing or at least a little decluttering check out Slack and how these 5 steps can help.

5 Ways to Humanize Teamwork Using Slack

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