How to Grow a Web Agency

Our founder, Tyson Brawley, was interviewed by Brent Weaver with uGurus on ‘How to Grow a Web Agency.’  Let us know what you think!


Brent: I’m Brent Weaver and you’re watching uGurus, a must-watch web series to become a more profitable and in-demand web professional. Today, I’m in Boulder, Colorado with Tyson Brawley at Goozmo. Welcome to the program.

Tyson: Thanks. Brent: Tyson, what makes Goozmo unique? Tyson: What makes us unique? I would say, our passion behind it. We have a lot of drive that we inject into all of our projects. We treat this as a relationship with our clients. We tell every client going into any project that we want to be their web partner, their web go-to to everything, to be part of their goals, to be part of their passion. With that, we then put that into the work we do for them. We treat everything as an ongoing relationship with all of our clients. With that, we find that to be unique with us and how we approach it.

Brent: Does ongoing mean that you have some kind of recurring relationship with your customers?

Tyson: Yes. We have an ongoing support plan, I guess you could call it, where it extends to anything from just general questions, consulting, new ideas, help with their websites, particularly content management system, like WordPress, Joomla, any of those applications. We’re there. On call, so to speak. They can pick our brain or just ask us anything, and that is recurring. And that’s an extension to our relationship with them.

Brent: Give me an idea of the scope of Goozmo. How many clients do you guys currently have?

Tyson: Right now we’re supporting between 450 and 500 clients across multiple different platforms. Some are websites or even services that are not technically on a platform, but we’re supporting them in terms of search engine optimization, campaigns such as social media, possibly blog writing, even just graphic design. They’ll come to us on a recurring basis and we’ll perform graphic changes or even print material and that kind of stuff.

Brent: When did Goozmo start?

Tyson: We started in January of 2000. In the beginning we were literally working out of a garage.

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