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Frist stage was to update the feel and look of the website to accommodate new techniques for SEO, UI/UX, and design, along with accommodating a full ordering system.

Once the core system was created we moved onto creating an app the mirrored the look and feel of the website to create a cohesive user experience no matter the platform a customer would be using.


In the end, Goozmo designed a one of a kind easy to use customer experience for Delizone with the implementation of the redesigned website and newly developed app. Using WordPress and WooCommerce as the core we were able to create a system that filled many holes and opportunities for Delizone and its customers.

New York Style Sandwiches

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Delizone has been working with Goozmo for a number of years but recently reached out looking to create a custom app and new website so they can move away from services such as GrubHub and DoorDash. The biggest hurdle was creating a cohesive experience for both individuals who were ordering food online or through the custom created app.


Here you can see the look of the site as we updated content, images, layout, and flow of the site

The app was created in a react form to be native on both Android and iOS devices.  Allowing for a wider range of users to be able to access the app.

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