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Working with Flagstaff houses internal team we came to realize that while there culinary taught and awards were well known in the community.  The experience of being on top of a mountain enjoying a culinary unique meal was hidden from customers who have never been.  So we focused on creating an experience through the site that drew the customer in and almost left them wanting more and hopefully booking an evening out.


Creating an experience for customers without having to actually be at the venue was goal number 1. Using elements such as WordPress, WooCommerce, and custom development, we were able to take a system that was outdated and bring it to back to life and create a much more cohesive experience for all.

Refined American Dining

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The Flagstaff House Resturant reached out to Goozmo to update their existing site to keep up with modern trends and techniques. They not only wanted a new and updated feel to the site to match the feel and atmosphere that they are known for in the community.  They also wanted to utilize new reservation system for customers.  We also used a drone to capture the breathtaking views that customers get to enjoy.


As you can see from our before and after images, we took the content heavy, dark-colored old site and updated the whole feel to match the elegant restaurant feel locals have known for so long.

During the process, we also integrated a number of new systems such as Resi, which Flagstaff uses to book all reservations and events.

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