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Now many of you might be asking what does App Development and the Agile project management methodology have to do with one another?  Because isn’t Agile used for software development organizations and not App development or digital marketing agencies?  Well, we at Goozmo have been successfully using the Agile system for over 4 years with all of our app development projects and client marketing efforts.

We at Goozmo see Agile as a better way to not only communicate to each other internally but with our clients as well.   According to Alec Morgana from ZenHub, he states that Agile and Design follow a different thinking ” Now, the two schools of thought of Agile and Design Thinking are beginning to intersect.”.   But really is the thinking of that different from one another.  Take the Agile methodology first.  Alec describes Agile as “…an umbrella term that describes a philosophy of work more than the actual tools and processes that are used by its proponents.  Or Wikipedia’s example, “Agile software development describes a set of values and principles for software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams.”  So breaking this down from these two examples we have a methodology that is a philosophy of work that focuses on collaborative efforts between individuals to reach an end goal collectively.  So is that really any different from how the design flow and methodology should work for development?

Take Goozmo for example, our core focuses for any project is team collaboration and adapting to the inevitability of the evolution of a project; and planning for those interruptions or unknowns.  Without that core team focus and communication, we would be unable to move in and out of projects easily and better adjust for unknowns.  I believe that the design aspect of Goozmo creates the questions and desires for every project.  Then we use Agile to group those questions and work together in small manageable sections to come up with a solution for the client.

So, in the end, I think Alec says it best, “…the two philosophies run parallel, not at an intersection.”  Meaning while the individuals behind each of these methodologies may not come from the same background the end goal is always the same.  The final product that you as a company or individual can confidently present to your client.

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