Typography Trends in Advertising and Design

With so many new trends and ways of expressing a brand, how does one know how best to represent themselves in today’s market?

One way to determine placement in the market is by looking at current trends. Current trends such as in logo design and placement can be seen in the replacement of old outdated logos with new logos that have a two-dimensional element and removal of embelishments. A perfect example of this “Flat Logo” trend can be seen by Google, one of the biggest movers in the digital and design world.

Let’s focus on another sometimes overlooked element in design and marketing, Typography! As written on WikipediaTypography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legiblereadable, and appealing when displayed”.

Now you may ask how does the arranging of letters affect design and brand presence? In an article written in Graphic Composition, they state that “Typography in graphic design can strongly affect how people react to a document”. The idea of thinking about how someone will “react” to content is what makes typography so crucial when it comes to creating a voice and image in design. Graphic Composition continues in saying, “In order to use typography effectively, you must anticipate how the use of fonts and styling will influence your audience, even in ways they are not conscious of initially. Research has indicated that the skillful use of typography can affect readers’ emotions and their performance in other tasks. ” Knowing how to influence an audience is one of the most critical elements and skills to seek when looking to understand your brand in the market.  

Top Trends in 2019

So now that we see how typography can be used, and when used effectively the impact it can create. Let’s see what the top trends in 2019 were. Pitchproof Community on Instagram notes these 7 design ideas as the top Typography Trends in 2019.

1. Louder and Boulder Fonts

2. Serifs

3. Cutouts and Overlays

4. Quirky Design

5. Hand-Lettered Font

6. Layering Text with Elements

7. Minimal San Serif

Now while these are only the opinion of one publication you can easily see some of these trends in current branding and design work.

Looking at https://99designs.com/blog/trends/font-trends-2019/#bold they show a newly designed site for https://vanholtz.co/ utilizing the bold fonts and designing the image to create a sense of volume.

Or this modern work by illustrator, https://99designs.com/profiles/youaremagic/designs/839967 showing the use of whimsical and flowy letters to express a sense of custom one of a kind font.

Typography is all around us in Design and Branding and by staying in tune with the trends you don’t risk your brand being left in the past. For more information on branding and advertising please contact our team.

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